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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to pay the membership fee all at once?
    No. We have flexible payment schedules including monthly, quarterly, semiannually or yearly. There will be a small additional processing fee for recurring payments.
  • What if I move away or decide to leave the practice?
    We request an initial commitment of 3 months. After the first 3 months, you can cancel your membership with a 30 day written notice.
  • What does my membership fee cover?
    Membership fee covers all basic primary care office visits including your annual exam, sick visits, and management of chronic illnesses. Membership fees also include in-office testing such as urine dip, Strep screen, influenza testing, urine pregnancy test, basic urine drug screening, and EKG’s.
  • Will I have to pay a fee for my office visit?
    There will be no fee for your office visits. No copay. No coinsurance. No deductibles. We do not bill your insurance.
  • How does insurance work for this type of practice?
    Your insurance will cover all outside testing, referrals to specialists and hospitalizations. We do not participate in any insurance billing including Medicare or Medicaid. If you have private insurance you may be able to get reimbursed for your visits. If you have an HSA or Flex Spending account, you may be able to use these funds to help pay for your annual membership.
  • What about home visits?
    Under certain circumstances home visits may be the only way patients can be seen. Home visits are arranged on an as needed basis and are subject to drive time and location. Home visits carry a small additional fee.
  • What makes this type of practice better?
    This practice model allows Dr. Bryskin to spend more time with each patient rather than rushing from room to room. Time to listen, gather information and examine each patient is required for an accurate diagnosis and formulation of an appropriate treatment plan. This approach has been shown to increase patient satisfaction and improve patient outcomes.
  • Will this mean I will need to come in more often to "get my money's worth"?
    Our practice empowers people to take charge of their own healthcare with the guidance of a physician. We offer unlimited visits to give you more options and the opportunity to see Dr. Bryskin when you need. It allows better overall care because your Doctor is not rushed to get from patient to patient. This does not mean you will not get your money’s worth if you do not come in every month. Membership provides all the tools necessary to make informed healthy decisions without the worry of limitations.
  • Can I meet Dr. Bryskin before I join the practice?
    Of course, just call our office and we will be happy to set up a “meet and greet” appointment.
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Still have questions?

Our fantastic staff is here to help. Please use the form on our contact page and

someone from our team will get back with you.

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